At Common Sense, we make the meter go both ways. 
Our Services
Let the team of Common Sense Energy assist you with putting the pieces of the renewable energy puzzle together! With expertise in solar, project management, finance and construction, the team of Common Sense Energy will assist you with every aspect of your renewable energy project.
  1. Not only do we provide you with a standard payback analysis, we can also dive deeper to the next level offering you a complex return on investment and detailed cash flow analysis. With multiple financing offers, we can tailor a financing program to meet your specific needs. The result thoughtful, low cost budget based financial analysis.
    Budget & Financial Analysis
  2. At Common Sense, we provide our customers an image that displays the proposed arrays for you to view. Whether it is a ground mount system or roof top array, we will make sure that a thorough evaluation is completed prior to proposing energy solutions with specific attention to detail in regards to site conditions.
    System Design
  3. The staff at Common Sense Energy holds MREA Certifications as well as 15+ years of solar expertise. Our system installations provide full service support and management of permitting, and utility relationships. Common Sense Energy is a licensed contractor in the state of Minnesota-License #BC682248 and our installations are performed by union trained employees, providing cost effective NEC 2014 compliant solar energy solutions installed with trained IBEW343 labor, as permitted by the Local Authorities having jurisdiction.
    System Installation
  4. Common Sense Energy is an experienced installer of a variety of system monitoring equipment and will assist you in choosing a monitoring system in the design phase of the installation process that will fulfill your monitoring needs. Common Sense Energy recommends the use of load and production equipment that we can custom fit to meet your needs. We can monitor your system for you or provide the tools to monitor your system on your own.
    System Monitoring
  5. Allow Common Sense to assist you with a wide range of grant and incentive applications. Our trained staff has experience with Made in Minnesota and Rural Energy for America Program. Common Sense Energy will point out tax incentives for you to take to your tax accountant for analysis. Regarding tax incentives or other tax impacts of a solar investments, we recommend that you consult your tax accountant during the planning process.
    Grant Writing
  6. We are with you every step of the way from coordinating your electrical installation and inspections to site management and safety. We strive to make our customers goals a reality with efficiency with attention to OSHA Compliance and required documentation.
    Project Management